Safe Driving Rewards – Insurance Excess Waiver Programme

NZI and Lumley’s Safe Driving Rewards Programme, in conjunction with EROAD is designed to reward transport operators who demonstrate safe driving behaviour, by giving them the chance to have their insurance excess waived in the event of an accident.

If you are an EROAD customer insured with either NZI or Lumley you can sign up for this fantastic offer today. If your EROAD driving safety rating puts you in the top 25% of EROAD organisations in New Zealand at the time of an accident, you may have your insurance excess waived in the event of a claim.

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EROAD is an NZX listed technology company that provides road charging, compliance and commercial services to the heavy and light commercial vehicle sectors.

EROAD has set the standard as the first GPS-based service provider to offer a government-approved electronic distance recorder and electronic RUC solution. EROAD offers a better customer experience by developing and providing the complete solution from hardware to software and services.

EROAD’s solution is designed to make your job easier. It gives you the opportunity to take control of tax and compliance obligations, support a safety-focused culture, and better manage your business.

The Safe Driving Rewards Programme is an opportunity for you to have insurance excess waived provided you meet eligibility criteria. It has been made available to support a research and development project being undertaken by NZI and Lumley. The project requires certain fleet data collected by EROAD to be made available to NZI and Lumley. The data will only be used for research and development, cannot be used by NZI and Lumley for the setting of renewal terms of Customers participating in the programme and will be held securely with personal information held subject to the Privacy Act 1993.
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Data collected as part of this programme will be used to develop usage based insurance products in the future, to the benefit of our customers.